10 Jan 2013

Visit World of Lae

My main blog is World of Lae, where I used to post a lot of hunter-stuff. When I fell in love with the monk, I felt a bit... Guilty? So I made this new blog, Kihap, and in the beginning I even posted them without my name attached. But the fact is that I'm Lae, and I control all my characters. So I want to have all my writing at the same place. I won't delete this blog, cause I really like all the colours and stuff. :) But there will probably not be posts published here. I have imported all the posts from this blog into that one.

By the way, Kihap is a word I learned when I was training Tae Kwon Do. It means "battle shout" or something similar. When you kick or punch you get taught to scream to make sure you get the breathing right. You're supposed to yell out something that feels natural to you, like "AAAAAAAHH!", but many just shout "KIIIIIIHAAAAAAP!" cause it doesn't feel natural for them to shout at all. :)